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The Group Bordados Oliveira was born in 1989, with the company Bordados Joaquim Oliveira & Oliveira, lda. Over the years we grew as an embroidery company who always strived to develop and offer its clients the most varied solutions so that our clients could find in our company the answer to all his requests. In that spirit, we created the company JMJ in the year 200, which came to complement with specialized embroideries, like the bareback embroidery, the high point and the chain stich embroidery. In 2004 we created the company JSB Oliveira & Oliveira, lda, directed to the making and application of all types of transfers. This was an offer already given to our client’s within the company Bordados Oliveira, but due to the big demand of these types of works, led us to the creation of a new company in order to grow in what we could offer our clients.
Recently in 2013 we created the company JSB Inovação Textil, lda also born a few years before with JSB Oliveira & Oliveira, lda. In this company we offer our clients services within the area of textile sublimation in continuum, on panel and piece by piece.
Regardless the work you want to develop, within our group of companies we will always try to find the solution to better serve you.

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